You can receive additional information from sites about your referral patients via this free text field including data like more details on reasons not screened, patient preferred language, additional visit date and outcomes, etc.

Please note that the trial associated to your RPI campaign must include a patient comments field on the patient log for this event to return information to you. The OneStudyTeam Partnerships and Integrations team can coordinate with you and the Sponsor to include this standard log question during trial set-up. The event is:

patientLogCommentsUpdated: additional patient comments are added / updated / removed

More information about event types is available at this link: Event Types

You can send UTM term and UTM content as additional recruitment source objects when sending the referral patient into StudyTeam. These values, along with utm source, medium, and campaign, flow to Sponsor reporting and help Sponsors understand recruitment tactics and optimal strategies to maximize the return on investment.

These fields can be found nested under the recruitmentSource object.

For more information, see the API documentation here.

If changes are made in your vendor portal to a referral patient's status and IxRS subject ID, you can send these fields into StudyTeam for Sites to help reduce administrative burden on sites and ensure your referrals are in an accurate status for sponsors.

The two additional fields that can be sent in the body of the update referral subject endpoint request to allow you to better keep referral subjects up to date are:

  • ixrsSubjectId: Allows identification of patients between StudyTeam and IRT systems by adding, updating, or removing a new field called IXRS Subject ID.
    • This field can be sent in with an explicit null to clear it.
    • Note: This fields corresponds to subjectIdUpdated in the reporting events API stream.
  • status: Ensures that StudyTeam accurately represents the progression of patients through recruitment and enrollment (e.g. First Visit Scheduled, In Screening, Screen Failure, Enrolled etc.) by updating a new field called Patient Status
    • Allowed statuses are:
      • potentialCandidate
      • preScreening
      • firstVisitScheduled
      • inScreening
      • enrolled
      • preScreenFailure
      • screenFailure
      • discontinued
      • completed

Optional Body Params for Update Referral Subject Endpoint

What has changed

In this update, the following body parameters sent to the update referral subject endpoint have been changed from required to optional - which enables an update to referral patients without passing the following body parameters:

  • name
  • telecom
  • encounter

The full details of the body parameters can be found at Update Referral Subject Endpoint

What happens if optional keys are/aren't passed.

If keys are passed

  • We update the referral and app for the site users.

If keys are not passed

  • No change/update happens.
  1. plannedScreeningDateUpdated: when the planned screening date is updated for your referral
  2. subjectIdUpdated: when the subject id is assigned, updated, or removed from your referral. This replaced the subjectIdAdded and subjectIdRemoved event types which are now deprecated
  3. inclusionExclusionCriteriaUpdated: when the inclusion or exclusion criteria is updated for your referral
  4. reasonsNotScreenedUpdated: when the reasons for not being screened is updated for your referral

In an effort to align with the new race and ethnicity data collection standards of the Department of Health and Human Services, the original list of race and ethnicity values have been updated to the new OMB standard. Although the previous values will continue to be accepted, the new OMB categories will be reflected in StudyTeam. The new race and ethnicity OMB categories can be found in the field descriptions in the referral object documentation.